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Welcome to Body Chemistri
 Your Haven for Healing

The mind body connection to overall well-being dates back thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine has long approached healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual (Shen) level. With this philosophy, I see myself as a guide, partnering with you as you walk your healing path in a conscious and empowered way. 

Your treatment will consist of:

  • Acupuncture plus cupping and/or clinical gua sha

  • Nutrition, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations from a Chinese medicine perspective, along with supplement recommendations 

  • Mindset training including guided meditation and breathwork 

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Heidi Sauhammel
Founder of Body Chemistri
Acupuncturist & Herbalist

I began my career in acupuncture in 2015 following a four-year pursuit of a Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine which included a clinic internship requirement of 918 treatments for underserved patients and veterans. I am licensed in acupuncture by the state of Illinois and nationally certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) with a designation as a Diplomate which includes a national certification in Chinese Herbology. Over the years I have developed a gentle and effective acupuncture technique blending Chinese and Japanese styles to come to a deep level of understanding of patterns of imbalance in an individual. I have also extensively studied intuitive energy work (to bring a level of greater consciousness) and meditation techniques (to lend a deep state of relaxation). I feel honored to support patients as they deal with challenges and transitions in their lives, including the fertility journey.

The practice of Chinese medicine is one of lifelong learning and I am always in pursuit of the latest research and continuing education. I am grateful to my mentors who have generously shared their wisdom – as this medicine is traditionally handed down from generation to generation. I am grateful to my mother who taught me about alternative remedies that she grew up with in the Austrian countryside. I also learned the importance of connection and community through my Austrian parents' tavern that became a meeting place for homesick immigrants.

Prior to studying acupuncture, I owned a custom fragrance and aromatherapy apothecary in the European tradition called Body Chemistri. I am now continuing the mission of self-care through the beauty and integrity of ancient medicine.


"I really Heidi was welcoming for my first time and I loved that she really understood I was in pain and got right down to business. Exceptional experience."    - C.J.

"I still have a little tenderness but I have so much more comfortable mobility. You really worked wonders on me. I’m going through my “energy audit” and checking for energy leaks! Also taking time to slow down and work more on my flexibility. I appreciate the healing energy you bathed me in. Thank you for verbalizing a lot of what I had in my head but never tried putting into words. You’re a gifted healer and I’d be so honored to work with you again." -A.L

"I have been meeting with Heidi for a little over a year now for chronic headaches, migraines, hip pain, knee pain, as well as the common cold. Heidi goes above and beyond basic treatment. She is really about whole body/mind and does not simply treat your symptoms. She asks questions about work, stress levels, eating habits, et cetera. I have received acupuncture, scraping and cupping.
Since starting, I have stopped take OTC cold medications and have dramatically reduced the amount of Ibuprofen I take. I went from being constantly sick and fatigued, to healthy and full of energy. If I do catch a cold, the symptoms have been less drastic and I recover much more quickly."  – N.M.


"Heidi is wonderful! So sweet, comforting, helpful, and amazing. I’ve been so stressed out lately, and her soothing and efficient technique helped that tension completely leave my body. She had several suggestions to help me achieve my health goals, and went above and beyond to provide me with further articles and resources too. I was a bit nervous about acupuncture because I hate needles, but I didn’t feel anything except relaxed and healed. I’m so glad I made an appointment with Heidi and can’t wait for my next session." M.F.        

"At about five months post-partum after having my daughter, I decided that I would like to start to focus my acupuncture on helping to prepare for what I thought would be another round of IVF for a second child. I never made it to that next round of IVF, because after a couple weeks of working with Heidi I was pregnant AGAIN for the second time totally naturally. I credit acupuncture with helping my mind and body be in a healthy place to support the embryo transfer and ultimately two healthy pregnancies." J.S.

"Heidi, my first baby was born a few months ago and she is a truly sweet baby. Totally surreal. I will forever be grateful for what you did to help her get here. You are an amazing acupuncturist but also an amazing person."   - J.S.

"After taking 4 rounds of steroids and antibiotics and having two surgeons tell me I needed to have sinus surgery, I was desperate to find an alternative solution. I had a few sessions that were extremely helpful, but my third session Heidi got right to the solution of my issues and told me I was suffering from trapped grief. Three weeks after I suddenly lost my dog I was overcome with grief and suffered chronic sinus issues. The sinus pressure was almost debilitating and took over my existence for 6 months. I felt in my heart there was a connection between losing my best friend and my sudden sinus issues. When Heidi told me the reason I felt the most cathartic release and knew she had found the root of my pain. Emotionally and physically. It has been almost a month since that session and my chronic pressure has gone, and I am on the road to healing without surgery. I love that she had the common sense to link my emotional trauma to my very real physical manifestation of grief. This may not be the path for everyone, but it has worked wonders for me." S.S. 


"Recently I had acupuncture done. Heidi helped me out in ways I didn't even think possible. She's a natural empath with a keen sense of physiology. I was experiencing knee pain and immediately after my session I felt a difference. We had a brief consultation before the needle application about what was happening in my mental and emotional life. I felt instantly vulnerable and open with her. I can feel the quiet wisdom she carries and I'm so glad to have had experienced it. My body and mind thank her!" 

“Not only is she an amazing acupuncturist and herbalist but also just an incredible healer. She has honestly transformed my life in more ways than one and I am so grateful for her! She really listens to my issues to determine the correct course of action for me and I feel truly taken care of by her. And to top it off, I really enjoy her company.” 


"Heidi is incredible! I love working with her and always feel much happier and relaxed after my sessions. She has an art for reading energy and understanding your needs without telling her."

"I’ve been seeing Heidi since February and she has helped me to manage my stress and work through stuck emotions. I’m always happy to see Heidi during our sessions and have found that acupuncture with her has helped so much in my life."

"Heidi -  I wanted to follow up with you after our appointment yesterday. First off - WOW, what a difference that made. I felt incredible, almost hyper energetically and "buzzy" afterwards, almost euphoric. That rocked my world. I feel so much more light and positive today, and like my old self (also bleeding seems to have stopped AND I almost forgot - that lump pain near my liver /lower abdomen is nearly nonexistent!). Again, THANK YOU! You really made a difference that I can feel!"  - P.D.

"Thank you for giving me the space to express some heavy emotions and for so lovingly and gently guiding me through it. I will definitely be linking up with an acupuncturist here in the bay to continue this work." T.A.


"Thank you for your help during my sessions with you. It was incredibly helpful with my anxiety and I felt very lucky to have had you help me work through things. I always looked forward to my appointments. You made me feel comfortable and was very supportive, which is exactly what I needed and appreciated." W.M.

"Heidi is PHENOMENAL!!! She is dedicated to guiding me through my spiritual journey via acupuncture. I'm blessed to have been referred." A.S.

"My acupuncturist Heidi is one of the best practitioners I have encountered in my 20+ years of receiving acupuncture. Her openness and honesty are greatly appreciated, she is a wealth of knowledge and shares it to whomever is open. She really understands energetics and helps you get to core issues. I came in because I was experiencing extreme grief of losing my mom this year but I actually had what felt like a dam (stagnation) preventing my energy from flowing. I enjoy that Heidi listens to feedback of where I feel blocked energy and she knows where to provide the flow needed. Honestly, I could gush about her for a while but just give her a call instead and experience the shift." S.S.

"I saw Heidi for an initial consultation, acupuncture and gua sha. I appreciated that she read over my intake form beforehand so already had a good idea of why I was there and what I wanted to accomplish. She asked questions and was very supportive and kind. I love her truly holistic view - we did calming meditations and she gave me some great ideas for a supplement I could take and an ancient Chinese cream I could use to help my skin in addition to the acupuncture and gua sha. It was one of the coolest healing experiences I've ever had and I scheduled my follow-up appt right after finishing the first. I will be back, regularly. Thank you!" C.B.

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