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Healing with
Purpose & Compassion 

We don't treat symptoms...We treat YOU

Meet Heidi

Heidi began her career in acupuncture in 2015 following the four-year pursuit of a Masters in Chinese Medicine which included a clinic internship requirement of 918 treatments. Heidi has also studied meditation and intuitive energy work allowing her to tune into the core of a person’s healing journey and see them on a deep level. Heidi is adept at supporting patients emotionally and spiritually as they deal with challenges and transitions, including the fertility journey. “I see myself as a guide to empower people not only in their health but also their lives, enabling them to move forward.”




Women's Health & Fertility

Emotional Resilience

Chronic Conditions


We don't treat symptoms. We treat you.

After thousands of years, acupuncture is even more relevant in today's stressful lifestyle. With a whole body / whole individual approach, acupuncture...

We do a thorough intake to understand the whole picture from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.  

What Patients Say
We are grateful for the confidence and trust of our patients

"Heidi helped me out in ways I didn't even think possible. She's a natural empath with a keen sense of physiology. I was experiencing knee pain and immediately after my session I felt a difference. We had a brief consultation before the needle application about what was happening in my mental and emotional life. I felt instantly vulnerable and open with her. I can feel the quiet wisdom she carries and I'm so glad to have had experienced it. My body and mind thank her!"

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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